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"big daddie THE DJ....THAT'S MY DJ"

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"Life's A Party...Make Sure You Choose The Right DJ!!" (big daddie THE DJ)

Who's "big daddie THE DJ"?

"big daddie THE DJ...That's MY DJ", is the motto shouted by so many, and is a credit to the DJ's remarkable talents. A native Son of New Orleans, Louisiana, "big daddie THE DJ" has fans across the globe claiming, "big daddie THE DJ...That's MY DJ". As soon as the name, "big daddie THE DJ" is tagged to an event, people know that it's the place to be and that they are guaranteed to have a great time. Loyal fans mark their calendars in anticipation of the next "big daddie THE DJ" appearance. He continuously refreshes venues and audiences with a customized blend of music that is amplified by an unmatched level of energy.

From the moment he steps into the DJ booth with his bottled water in hand, guests take notice and prepare for the party to begin. The crowd pleaser repeatedly caters to fans and draws listeners to the dance floor. Once the beat drops, "big daddie THE DJ" enters a zone where the rhythm takes hold and fans instantly connect with his vivacious spirit. Pulled into "big daddie THE DJ" zone, the energy can be felt, even if the tunes were switched to mute. The atmosphere in the room is like looking through a kaleidoscope as "big daddie THE DJ" and the crowds sway to the sounds pulsating from the speakers. Stirring the crowd, with fans pointing to the entertainer, screaming "big daddie THE DJ" is truly a sight to see. No need to hire additional entertainment, "big daddie THE DJ" is the total package -emceeing, deejaying, and entertaining in flawless form.

Loyal fans have remarked on how after attending event after event, they've never heard the same mix twice from their #1 DJ, "big daddie THE DJ" It's not unusual to see supporters regardless of age, sex, or race gathering outside of a venue following an event and expressing their appreciation for a great night out with "big daddie THE DJ". Exuding an unmistakable level of professionalism, paired with a wealth of experience, "big daddie THE DJ" entertains thousands of fans all over the world.

Specializing in the craft of music entertainment, the versatile mix master has gained respect from his community, fans, peers, and fellow DJs with his engaging presence, anchored by his ability to appeal to the masses. As Founder and President, "big daddie THE DJ" launched VirDiKO Global Music Promotion, (Virtual Distribution KOmpany). His highly recognized music promotion service paired with valuable years of experience in the music business has laid the groundwork to support other artists and DJ's, forming a praiseworthy fellowship.

"big daddie THE DJ" tunes in to the vibe of his fans, elevating the crowd's excitement with diverse spins and mixes all genres. His distinct style is committed to captivating every fan base dynamic, fueled by his passion to entertain through his love of music. Prepare for and expect "big daddie THE DJ" to deliver a creative performance for your next special occasion, providing an exhilarating, fun, and memorable experience you and your guests will crave. Regardless of age, group, or genre, "big daddie THE DJ" will definitely have those in attendance shouting the familiar chant,

"big daddie THE DJ...That's MY DJ".